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November 2022

Seasonal menu update made by brand chef Viktor Beley

Seasonal update in Uhvat restaurant

The Uhvat restaurant presents a large seasonal menu update from the brand chef Viktor Beley and we invite you to meet with it personally.

A big update for starters, like a baked and pickled vegetables salad with deer heart or salad with sea foie gras (cod live) and mustard-soy dressing. In addition, to start the evening, guests are offered northern shrimp with avocado and yuzu mousse, tuna and scallop ceviche served with strawberries and pickled watermelon, fluffy fried donuts with crab, flying fish roe and spicy sauce. Moreover - in the "to share" section, we have sea foie gras on brioche with watermelon, tomato jelly, cream cheese and truffle oil.

We returned well-loved soups like stewed cabbage soup from sauerkraut, which is cooked in the oven for a 24-hours and served with a bread crust, pumpkin soup with stewed duck. Also in the seasonal update we returned a spelled porridge which cooked in the oven, fried with mushrooms in cream and served with tuna tartare.

For the main course we have three more positions – first one is halibut fish with radish, spinach and "bere blanch" sauce, served with a slice of bacon over the fillet, which enhances the rich smoked taste and aroma. The second dish is quail with baked beets and pumpkin. Lat nut not the least - deer heart with vegetable gratin, served with signature barbecue sauce with honeysuckle, mustard and berries.

Finally, we are updated our desserts with three more novelty. Truffle chocolate with raspberry sauce, chocolate sphere with tangerine jam and fir ice cream and "rum baba" with persimmon and sour cream ice cream.

Spend this autumn-winter season with Uhvat restaurant!

Uhvat Restaurant
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Trekhgornaya manufactory


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