Traditional russian cuisine
Traditional russian cuisine

In Uhvat the best Russian traditions are combined with modern cooking techniques. In other words, our guests are offered modern dishes cooked in russian stoves. Moreover, they can watch the whole cooking process through the glass of our open kitchen.


Our chef Victor Beley is truly a master of stoves. He specializes in modern russian cuisine. Victor is the winner of numerous culinary championships in Russia, as well as an active participant of international gastronomic competitions and popular TV shows. He can boast of being a golden prizewinner of the qualifying stage on the international tournament "Bocuse d'or 2019 Russia'. Victor will represent our country on the European qualifying stage in 2020. Victor has completed a lot of apprenticeship courses abroad and even used to work on summits with the participation of Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian top officials. He is an expert in russian gastronomic products and cooking technologies. Thanks to his experience and skill we are able to offer our guests food and service of the highest quality.

Our dishes stew in traditional russian stoves. In other words, we cook food on low heat for more than 12 hours! It is an undeservedly forgotten method of cooking that was used by our ancestors long ago

Our stoves

Three giant russian stoves are the heart of Uhvat. They are modernly equipped and can work in three different modes! Every stove has its own name, for instance, the one in the centre is called "the Breadwinner". In ancient times in Russia the stove was tenderly called "the Mother" for it not only cooked but also warmed the whole house. We invite you to come to Uhvat and grasp the old Russian traditions!
Apart from delicious food, our guests can enjoy the authentic atmosphere of the interior. We have preserved the architectural features of the textile factory "Tryohgornaya manufactura" constructed in 1799, so that our visitors can enjoy their meal in a location that boasts of the traditional Russian architecture design. At the same time, we have renovated the building and its huge windows in the loft style. It makes Uhvat a real architectural masterpiece that comprises ancient soul and modern features.
  • Chef added russian salad with quail and crayfish tails, and also mix with moist duck, lettuce and goat cheese in the "Salads and appetizers" section. Grilled squid with spinach, African catfish with celery puree, grilled octopus with potatoes, baked halibut with ligneous mushrooms appeared in "hotplate" section. Wild meat lovers can enjoy smoked deer brisket with cauliflower puree and also fried deer heart stew with carrot.
    RBC style
    New menu
  • Every guest should certainly order melted butter with bread, In Uhvat they put wick in it and it burns like a candle. Dip their fresh baked bread in it and you will be left speechless.
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  • The menu is not relatively very big, but unbelievably interesting. You ought to try everything in it. Unexpectedly, Uhvat is the top revelation of 2018.
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  • In Uhvat brend-chef Victor Beley bakes luscious pumpernickel bread with a prune and also buckwheat bread with flaxen seeds in a traditional russian stove. It would be nearly impossible to repeat this taste in any other country.
    April 2020
  • Restaurant Uhvat on "Trehgornaya Manufactura" has finally obtained the chef that managed to cope with giant 5-ton russian stoves with 3 furnaces each. But most importantly, the menu in Uhvat has become amazingly delicious.
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  • I love everything in this restaurant. I enjoy the location, the chef, the design, even the cooks who greet the stoves as they approach them. Uhvat looks absolutely natural as if it has always been in place with its great stoves. I believe it has in possession all features a great restaurant should obtain. Come here and eat, please!
    Alexander Ilin
    Afisha Restaurants
  • Uhvat is a talanted and bold experiment keeping the principles of creating traditional russian cuisine in a modern interpretation.
    Pavel Sutkin
  • Uhvat is one of the restaurants leading the resurgence in traditional Slavic cooking
    The Guardian
    British newspaper since 1821
  • In Uhvat they make their own bread, cheese and butter and even bake milk. That's why russian cuisine is at its best here.
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  • You will forget about any other borsch and beef stroganoff you have ever tasted!
    Le Monde
    French newspaper since 1944

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