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Contemporary Russian
Every meal is made in oven
The team has done an in depth research of the simmering technology, and has collected knowledge about the «art of cooking» in the Russian oven, to revive the Russian culinary tradition in modern interpretation.
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Chef's choice
Special dishes from our chef
"Mimoza" salad
One of the most traditional russian salads. It bazed on smoked sockeye salmon

Main dish
Sea bass fillet
Served with spinach, with white wine

Main dish
Baked lamb
Served with red cabbage and baked carrots cream

Our Interior
Uhvat became a real masterpiece of architecture. It is situated in the former textile mill's building, constructed in the 1799. The builiding's authentic interior and exterior together with huge windows were saved and restored. Gorgeous arched ceiling of baked milk color and five original chandeliers which are imitating clouds create an unforgettable atmosphere
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  • Menu is not so big, but very interesting. You must try everything. Unexpectedly, but more than possible – this restaurant one of the main discoveries of 2018
    №1 in Moscow ententainment

  • Yes! That is the way I have expected whole menu. This restaurant deserve visiting it!
    All restaurant&Bar guide

  • This restaurant makes his own bread, cheese, butter and baked milk. So Russian cuisine appears in all beauty.

    Guide of best bars, cafe's and restaurants
  • I like everything about this restaurant. Locatin, chef and barely noticeable interior design. Even the way, how cook's respect their oven's. Uhvat – completely natural restaurant, like it has been here forever. In my opinion – there is all forerunners of a great restaurant. Go and eat there, please.
    Alexander Il'iin
  • Unique restaurant, which has no alternatives in a whole world
    Oleg Matveychev
  • In our case – UHVAT is very talented experiment, which is forming modern face of a traditional Russian cuisine
    Pavel Sutkin
    Author of a book "The true history of Russian cuisine"
  • Uhvat is one of the restaurants leading the resurgence in traditional Slavic cooking
    The Guardian
    British newspaper since 1821

  • Oubliez le bortsch et autre bœuf Stroganoff!
    Le Monde
    French newspaper since 1944
Rochdelskaya st. 15, building. 41
Daily 12:00–0:00
+ 7 977 125-51-77
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